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Prince and Togaf

To allow smooth integration with industry standards, Igris uses TOGAF as the design framework and PRINCE2 as the project management methodology.

For development, Igris can use Waterfall or Agile, or a combination of both.

Cloud or On-premise

Cloud systems

Igris has delivered many systems onto on-premise equipment and more recently, Igris has implemented systems on all three major cloud systems: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

There are advantages to both approaches, and whether you require systems using on-premise equipment or in the cloud, Igris can provide solutions.

Business Consulting

Durham University

Igris provides business consulting for organisations that have problems to be solved or processes to improve using IT solutions.

When the required solution is not known, our experienced consultant can help by investigating the problem, producing a detailed report summarising the situation and proposing solution options.

Our Principal Consultant gained an MBA from Durham University in 2002, and has many years experience in a wide range of roles and organizations.

Legacy Systems

Mainframe Computer

Igris can help you to squeeze the last ounce of value from your legacy systems. Complete replacement of existing software is rarely necessary or desirable to get new features.

For example: Some of the best e-commerce systems on the web are just thin layers of expertly-created web code interfacing directly to legacy mainframe computer systems that are decades old.

With experience of a wide range of legacy systems over a period of 30 years, Igris can advise on the most straightforward methods of adding new functionality quickly and economically.

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