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About Us

IT Consulting

Inns Worldwide

Igris was established as an IT Consultant in 2003 providing software development services. Some examples are listed next.

Valued customers include: Castell Safety, Hubble Inc, WD40 Company, Pitney Bowes, DX Networks, Williams Lea, Wolters Kluwer, Xerox Corp, Next PLC, UK Government, Warwick Wireless, Element Materials Technology, Transport for London, Sungard, Expedia Group, Siemens AG, FEV GbmH, SAF Holland

SCADA Systems

TFL Trackernet

Igris was contracted to provide enhancements to a London Underground SCADA system called Trackernet to ensure the system was top-notch for the London Olympics in 2012.

Trackernet is used by the LU operational staff to view the location of all trains on the network. It is driven by telemetry data collected from the track signalling systems.

Internet of Things


Igris designs and creates microprocessor firmware and Windows setup programs for IOT telemetry devices. The setup program shown above is the Windows simulator screen for a remote telemetry product using mobile network communications.

The remote device sends SMS and GPRS messages to report the changing states of inputs. Outputs can also be controlled by sending SMS or GPRS messages to the device.

Big Data Systems


Igris provides and maintains big data systems of varous types. The screen above shows the Kibana product displaying data from an Igris-designed Elasticsearch system that collects news items.

Elasticsearch is used for searching vast quantities of document based data.

For tabular data, Apache Hadoop, Hive and Spark are also very popular big-data products that Igris can implement for you.

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