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12 Jan 2015

Igris certified as OJS-eSender

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1 Mar 2017

Igris approved as Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) partner

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Custom Software Development

Igris is an expert provider of custom software development for business applications.

Our services address the automation requirements of businesses and organisations that have unique requirements that cannot be addressed with off-the-shelf software.

All businesses have unique features that give them their competitive edge. The more unique the features, the less likely you are to find an off-the-shelf software product to automate them. But every business needs technology to improve their efficiency and profits.

Using industry-standard software development tools (e.g. Microsoft), Igris provides custom solutions on a fixed-price or day-rate consulting basis.

Solutions can be complete systems from scratch; customisation and extension of existing systems; specialised interfaces to external systems; or applications based on existing Igris product solutions.

Example - mobile network telemetry

X9100 Configuration Screen

This custom application was produced on a fixed price basis and consisted of firmware (C language) for a mobile network telemetry device together with a Windows application (C# language) for programming the device.

The device allows remote control, logging and monitoring of remote processes through the standard GSM mobile phone networks.

The screen shown is for the simulator page of the Windows application, where configurations can be tested before being downloded into the mobile devices.

Example - Data conversions and migration

Data conversion visualisation

Data conversions and migrations are a common requirement that Igris has provided solutions on many occasions.

Typical scenarios include extracting data from old software that does not provide export facilities, and conversion of data from old formats into new.

Data can be in proprietary formats or stored in database structures.

The conversion process usually involves analysis of the old system data formats; design and production of a custom conversion program; testing of the conversion; final conversion of the data on the implementation day.