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Hotel Booking

Inns Worldwide

Igris also develops in-house systems for customisation and resale.

The example above is a complate implementation of a mobile-first website to integrate with the Expedia Partner Solutions white-label hotel booking system.

It was implemented using nodeJS, AngularJS and Microsoft IIS

Inns Worldwide

Inns Worldwide 2

The above image shows an later version of the Inns Worldwide booking website integration using a different wholesaler.

Whereas the Expedia integration used complex API interactions using JSON data, this solution provides a thin layer that links to the supplier's web pages.


EU TED System

Igris TED Integration is a system for enabling all types of computer systems to send correctly formatted XML documents to the European Union 'Tenders Electronic Daily' system (TED).

TED is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', which publishes all EU public-sector procurement opportunities above threshold values to allow bidding from organisations anywhere in the EU.



Igris EDIXML was designed and produced for a corporate client who required automatic conversion between XML formatted messages and EDI formatted messages. EDI and XML are alternate data formats for exchanging information.

Igris created a Windows service and control panel that converts incoming and outgoing EDI messages to and from XML in realtime.

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